Kissing Bliss 与天赐的福亲密接触

  I kissed Bliss the other day Although there was nothing to see Nothing to hear Nothing to taste Nothing to smell Yet I sensed complete sweetness I felt Unconditional Love from within Such purity and freshness Gentle as a feather Innocent as a newborn Light as air Bright as sunshine Clear as fresh raindrops … Continue reading

Energy Healing on the go 流动的能量治疗

It was another fascinating, rewarding experience. Another highlight in my healing journey. During my recent travels, I had the wonderful opportunity to provide Energy Healing sessions to some students and friends. The most interesting part was the location – it happened as we were traveling on the train. The most obvious difference was the gravity … Continue reading

A Japanese Angel 来自日本的天使

        A Japanese Angel How elegant and beautiful she always looks a petite, willowy, demure figure in which she is framed charming, graceful, gentle, soft spoken and ever so polite a true Lady in every way as she listens to every word you say her soulful eyes wide open and her sensual … Continue reading

I Don’t Remember How It Happened 忘了事情如何发生

  I don’t remember how it happened. It was gradual and spontaneous all at the same time. ‘It’ being the miraculous rediscovery/rebirth of pure, Universal Love and joy in my heart space. Perhaps it is an opening of Anahatha Chakra (the Heart Energy Centre), perhaps it is a mini enlightenment process or something else. However, … Continue reading

Where is your home? 你家在哪儿?

  Someone recently asked me, “Where is your home?”. For herself, her home is where her daughter is. How beautiful is that? So is home really where the heart is? Can we be at home no matter where we are, no matter whatever situation? Is the ego preventing us from being at home, being at … Continue reading