Tis the season of love is here… 爱的季节已来临

  Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s Day or dread it like a disease, February 14th is a day that never fails to evoke various commotions across the globe. Naturally, it is a fruitful day for restaurants, hotels, jewelers, florists, chocolate makers and the luxury goods industry in general as they maximize on the … Continue reading

The Day Humanity Became One Soul 当人类溶为一个灵魂的一天 (9-11 scrapbook 九一一剪贴簿)

    Come September 11th, this year will mark the 10th year anniversary of this historical event. Indeed it was one of the most disastrous human catastrophe in modern history. Although it was a regretful, sad day, it was also the day when Humanity showcased itself as one powerful Spirit., an inexorable force to behold. … Continue reading

(iF) yOu HaVe 1 hOuR To LiVe (如果)你只有一小时可以活着

(If) you have one hour to live. What would you do? Please take a deep breath and feel the meaning of this sentence. There is no need to strain your mind, no intellect or concentration is necessary. Like all simple yet profound questions, there is no right or wrong answer, should or should not’s. All … Continue reading

FoOd FoR tHoUgHt: sOmEtHiNG to ChEw oN…… 精神粮食

  The old year has passed. A fresh, new year is here. Time to clear out any remaining unnecessary clutter (physically, mentally and emotionally), let go of the past and bid farewell to any disempowering, limiting belief systems to make room for new possibilities. Being a curious student, I love asking and contemplating questions. I … Continue reading

The Moscow Times (Part II) 莫斯科时报(二)

The article ‘ The Moscow Times’ was written on September 18th, 2010 while I was in Moscow, Russia. The day I traveled was Sept 10th, 2010, one day before the anniversary of 9/11. The headline of The Moscow Times newspaper inspired me to write the article. The title was (aptly) named “Bomb Hits Russia”. Obviously, … Continue reading

Her Wish Came True (A Powerful Family Constellation & Healing Circle story) 她的愿望成真了(一个家庭族列及能量治疗圈的故事)

Her Wish Came True (A Powerful Family Constellation and Healing Circle story) 她的愿望成真了(一个家 族排列及能量治疗圈的故事) There is no doubt that every one of us are deeply connected to one another. On the soul level in another dimension, there is ultimately, no separation between all beings. Beings include humans, animals, plants, minerals, all life forms, all sentient … Continue reading

11.1.11 Group Healing Meditation 一 一.一. 一 一 冥想能量圈

11.1.11 一 一.一. 一 一 11.1.11 Group Healing Meditation 一 一.一. 一 一 冥想能量圈 11.1.11 or Jan 11th , 2011 is the date this coming Tuesday. Rarely there comes such a unique coincidence of numeric arrangement. Those who practice the science of Numerology might have much interesting insights and analysis based on this magical date. … Continue reading