Bangkok Days 在曼谷的日子

savy tourists turning their short pants to long pants before entering the temples! all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala

Sunset in Phuket 普吉岛的黄昏

bEhOLd aS yOu WitNesS ThE gReAtEsT ShOw oN eArtH LeT tHe gLoRiOuS OraNge baLL oF pUre LigHT aNd EneRGy CapTiVatE yOuR sEnSes eVeRY CeLL wiThiN yoU mEsMeriZeD by itS bEaUtY eNtHraLLed bY iTs PreSeNcE hOw I wiSH to cAptuRe tHis MomEnt Of EnChaNtinG mAgiC, thE sAcrEdneSS oF it aLL pReSerVEd iNto A bOttLe tHat I … Continue reading

Spiritual + Working Days in Phuket 在普吉岛上的灵性日子

a kneeling monk by the pool a graceful monk by the pool Yoga at Beyond Yoga Shala 普吉岛上的瑜伽课 Partner Yoga@Beyond Yoga Shala this feels SO good! 感觉太舒服了!                              Sunset Yoga@Phuket beach, Thailand 夕阳的瑜伽课普吉岛 Savasana on a Phuket beach Guruji Tom cat teaching meditation 汤猫老师教冥想课 Savasana with Guruji Tom 汤猫老师教瑜伽睡眠 meditating with the sea – such … Continue reading

Storm In Phuket 普吉岛的暴雨

jUsT As iT iS uNLikeLY fOr ThE sUn tO ConStAnTLy ShiNe tHeRe aRe aLso MaNy hiGHs aNd LoWs iN tHe fLow Of LiFE   JuSt As wE WeLcOMe The SuNsHinE We LeArN tO wELcomE tHe RAiN   NeStLe YoUr ThOuGhtS iN tHE wiND eNjOy The sOLaCe WitHiN The raiNcLouDS Be mEsMeriZeD iN thE mAgNifiCiEnt BeAutY … Continue reading

Wisdom From The Waves 海浪的智慧

LiFe iS LiKe WaVeS iN tHe OceAN – tHeY riSE aNd FaLL, iT kEEpS oN fLoWinG. DoN’t FiGhT iT, RidE iT   ThE eBb aNd fLOw oF tHe TiDeS rEseMbLe tHe RhYthM of LiFe oNe CAn oNLy gO witH thE fLoW aS iT iS ReSpeCt ThE seA rEsPecT mOthEr NaTuRE It must be the strong … Continue reading

Our Life Movies / Some Notes On Depression 我们的电影生活/忧郁症的笔迹

I love watching movies. Often, movies depict stories and adventures in made-believe worlds originated from our imagination. Most movies are inspired by real life, then imagination creates fiction for the end result, the final show. However, I often find that life really is stranger than fiction. In fact, our lives are all independent movies in … Continue reading

(Working) Days of Spring in London 在伦敦工作的日子

London Britannia mania English school girls, Belsize Park Sunflower Seeds installation by Ai Wei Wei, Tate Modern Art Museum Partner Yoga in London 伦敦的双人瑜伽课 a little bit of massage & release Yoga Warrior (III) at Victoria station, London 在伦敦维多利亚车站的瑜伽武士 Headstand@Bayswater, London 在伦敦街头的头倒立 Pincha Mayurasana@St James Park, London 伦敦詹姆斯公园 All words & images remain the copyright … Continue reading