11.11.11 Mantra Chanting & Healing Circle 疗愈曼陀罗唱诵+能量治疗圈

Om on a Phuket beach 普吉岛的Om 11.11.11 周五 Fri 晚上19:00~21:00 Mantra Chanting & Healing Circle 疗愈曼陀罗唱诵+能量治疗圈  (Yama & Jo) The number 1 represent new beginnings, new energies, fresh start and unlimited potential. Come join us on this special day as we combine our energies to chant, meditation and heal together as one powerful, joyful entity. … Continue reading

What The English Lady Said To The French Lady

A golden-aged lady walked over to the couch opposite me and sat down. She was perky and cheerful, befitting the roundness of her shape that portrayed a cozy, warm feeling that old ladies have. She put her newspapers and magazines down on the wooden table in front of me and looked around casually with her … Continue reading


Resistance It’s not just a mere feeling of restlessness Therein lies a hint of fear, perhaps some doubt as well And more than anything else, worries There are always things waiting to be done Plans to be made Time and dates to be organized The responsible adult in me strives to do everything in the … Continue reading

15/10: Reiki Level I Training@Ceeport Shanghai 灵气一阶课程在上海熙得堂

Oct 15th: Reiki Level I Training Course @ Ceeport Shanghai! 10月15日: 灵气一阶课程在上海熙得堂! In the course of this training, you will learn how to administer self-healing for maintaining general wellbeing. Students will be guided through easy, simple and effective steps to discover their potential and begin their self-healing journey. Eventually, we will share our healing energies … Continue reading