Your Face In The Crowd 人海茫茫中的脸孔

I see your face in the crowd Those deep and soulful eyes piercing through my soul Your warm and open smile melts away all my resistance Your strong yet gentle arms holding me like a child Sheltered in your embrace my heart softens and the mind stills I remember the familiar warmth of your hand … Continue reading

新的中文博客诞生了!! My new Chinese blog is here!

* * * 新的中文博客诞生了!!    My new Chinese blog is here!  * * * 博客称号 Blog name: Shantih Shala Jo 微博链接 Blog web link: 终于找到一个合适的(本土)博客了!这是新浪网上注册的,所以再也不会有图片和内容没法下载的问题了。内容会慢慢增添,请耐心关注。同时这个博客依然继续操作,因此你可以有两个选择留意信息。 再次谢谢大家的支持和耐心!希望很快再见到你! Finally I have found a locally-based blog which is suitable for my needs (not to mention the clean, simple layout design which I insist on). You won’t need … Continue reading

English Reiki Training Course 英语灵气培训课程

ARE  YOU  SOMEONE  WHO…… Works as caregivers or gives energies to other such as Yoga Teachers, Counselors, Healers, Physiotherapists, parents, teachers etc. Are recovering or suffering from illness, injuries or emotional trauma (either past or present) Are keen to discover/connect/understand their True Self Are keen to discover/further their personal growth Are interested in exploring their … Continue reading

The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸

The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸 Ever notice how enigmatic the heart space is? The heart space is the centre of the chest where one’s heart lives Although the heart lives there, sometimes it seems to vanish without a trace At times the heart may live there still, yet there is no sign of life … Continue reading

Lessons From The Mountains In Taiwan 台湾高山的启示

majestic mountains@Toroko, Taiwan 台湾太鲁阁 all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有