Shantih Shala Sept + Oct Newsletter 九和十月预告

Shantih Shala Sept + Oct Newsletter 九和十月预告 Dear all, I trust your week is going great and all is good with you! Here’s a brief summary of the exciting events happening soon for Sept, as well as a preview of what’s up in Oct…. 希望大家一切都好! 在此想与你分享接下来9和10月分更多又意思的活动。。。。   The highlight of Aug was the LOVE. HOPE. YOGA … Continue reading

2.9.12 Chakra Meditation + Chanting Circle 脉轮冥想+唱诵圈

2.9.12 脉轮冥想+唱诵圈 Chakra Meditation + Chanting Circle We begin by working through the Chakras (energy centres in the body) through various Kriyas (Yogic cleansing practices), Pranayama (Yogic breath work), visualization and meditation. Afterwards we will combine our energies for a powerful, healing process through chanting meditation. Expect no pre-exquisites, no pretenses and no limitations. Whether … Continue reading

Memories 回忆: 11.8.12 Love爱. Hope希望. Yoga瑜伽. Charity Event 慈善活动

11.8.12 回忆 Memories: Love 爱. Hope 希望. Yoga 瑜伽. Charity Event 慈善活动   On Sat 11.8.12 the LOVE.HOPE.YOGA charity event raised a total of RMB16,030!! Not too bad for a morning’s work! All proceeds go to the Henan Hope School! Bravo to everyone for their efforts! I’m so happy & humbled to be part of … Continue reading

7.8.12 Reiki Level I Internal Training Course@Ceeport

7.8.12  熙德堂灵气一级培训内部班 Reiki Level I Internal Training Course @ Ceeport Congratulations to all the new Reiki Healers once again! I’m so grateful and happy I am able to share the sacred gift of Reiki with all of you! There were a total of 9 students who took part in the training, with the eldest being … Continue reading

12.8.12 Meditation+Healing Circle 冥想+能量治疗圈

  12.8.12  冥 想 + 能 量 治 疗 圈 Meditation + Healing Circle Come join us for a fun afternoon as we embark on a joyful, peaceful, healing journey! We will learn, breathe, meditate, heal, move, chant and freely express ourselves with other humble souls. Feel completely energized and balanced as you drink deeply … Continue reading