Awakenings 2014

Awakenings  2014 A man is awakened to his emotions when I asked him to change his question from whether he should marry his girlfriend to whether he wants to marry his girlfriend; a woman finds the soul of her deceased brother who died at birth trapped inside her ribcage and struggles to communicate and make … Continue reading

1/30 Family Constellation 家族排列 with Mariska & Jo A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. It is a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations for them to be healed by changing our beliefs and our perception through acknowledging what is and forgiveness, so that Truth and Love can take … Continue reading

CSL 的开放假期2月9~14日 在泰国Yao Yai 岛!

  Links: 我们邀请你加入热爱大自然、有自觉的生活、音乐、疗愈,学习新文化和重新发现自己的伙伴们! 我们将在泰国 (靠近普吉岛) Yao Yai岛的温馨、乡土气地‘天堂度假胜地’欢度5个晚上! 这是个好机会重新认识自己并享受社群的给力力量! 早鸟优惠12月25日前: ¥2500 单人房, ¥3500 双人房   12月25日之后: ¥3500单人房, ¥4500双人房 包含: 每日冥想、瑜伽、音乐、能量治疗圈等各类课程; 海边上3餐美味泰国菜! 我们也鼓励大家带上/分享你的爱好和天赋如音乐、舞蹈、诗歌朗诵等。自发、创意些,一起来玩吧! 不包含: 飞机票,转乘去 Yao Yai 岛或普吉岛 额外付费活动: 皮船、自行车、电单车、乘船去附近海岛等,小吃和个人消费/购物     旅程: 第一天: 2月9日 (周一) 早上10点:在普吉岛市中心Central广场星巴克咖啡厅集合,早午饭,购买在岛上所需要食物和必须品等(包括用自动取款机提款). 乘车到Janwanich码头 下午2点:渡轮出发去Yao Yai岛 下午5点: 迎新会+欢迎圈 下午6:30点: 迎新晚餐   第二至五天: 2月10至13日 (周二至五) 早上7:30~8:30点: 早上冥想+寂静 早上8:30点:早餐+当天活动 早上10点起:早餐讨论后的自发课程/活动   第六天: 2月14日 (周六) … Continue reading

1/25 Reiki Share 灵气分享圈 @ Yoga Garden 瑜伽花园

Join the first Reiki Share of 2015 欢迎参加2015年第一项灵气分享圈! Calling all healers! We welcome you to come join us to share your practice: to give & receive love, care & healing! Also open to anyone who would like to try Energy Healing, no experience required, just come with an open heart! 各位能量治疗师,我们邀请你一起分享你的练习: 给予和接受爱、关怀和疗愈!也欢迎凡是对能量治疗感兴趣人士参与体验, 无需任何经验,只要带上一颗敞开的心! … Continue reading

Exciting January Events in Shanghai 上海1月份精彩活动!

Links: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Links: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading

1/16 Healing Sound Journey 音疗旅程 Come embark on a deeply relaxing, grounding and healing experience with Jo and Patrick at the Healing Sound Journey! Be energized through healing vibrations from various instruments, plus powerful crystals to further assist deep restoration and balance. We will also learn simple and efficient exercises to distress the body, quiet the mind and … Continue reading

1/23 (Fri周五) Moving Meditations 动感冥想

  Links:   Music + Movement + Meditation = MAGIC!! 音乐+动作+冥想=奇妙!! No experience needed, just come & play! 无需任何经验,过来玩吧! Pls email your favourite music by 1/23 noon to 请最迟在1月23号中午前把你最爱的音乐发到: Jo   Music connects us through vibrations and energies that move/empower/relax/humour/heal the soul; come contribute to an evening of diverse musical magic!! Previous … Continue reading

1/31~2/1 Reiki Level I Training!

Links: We invite you to come learn and discover Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki ~ the traditional natural healing art from ancient Japan! This is one of the easiset, efficient and empowering healing methods available today! All you need is the desire and intention to learn, plus an open heart, no experience necessary!   … Continue reading

CNY Getaway with CSL’s Open Retreat Feb 9~14th, 2015!

CNY Getaway with CSL’s Open Retreat Feb 9~14th, 2015! Fun, chillaxing, spontaneous & soulfully healing with like-minded folks in down to earth surroundings! Look at the amazing sights, food and creatures awaiting you! * * * * * * * * * * * *     5 nights on Koh Yao Yai island, Thailand … Continue reading