Sound Healing Journey 7/8 @ Yejo

Sound Healing Journey 音疗作坊 7/8 (Wed 周三) 7~9pm @ Yejo Links: Come journey into another world with the witch with her loyal fellow shaman soul brother! This will Patrick’s last Sound Healing Journey in Shanghai so don’t miss it! 快来加入这两个萨满族巫师的跨界旅程吧! 这是Patrick在上海最后一次的音疗工作坊, 别错过哦! Come embark on a deeply relaxing, grounding and healing experience with Jo … Continue reading

7/3 (Fri) Sound/Breath/Movement @ CSL

Sound / Breath / Movement 动感冥想 7/ 3 (Fri周五) 7~9pm @ CSL (Centre For Spiritual Living) 灵性生活中心 Here is a safe, sacred and friendly space where you can be still, meditate, talk, move, laugh, cry, shout, release your thoughts and emotions freely in a healthy, organic way without judgment and resistance! Be embraced by the … Continue reading

6/24 Healing Immersion workshop

Healing Immersion workshop 疗愈沉浸工作坊 6/24 (Wed 周三) 7~9pm @ Octave Come embark on a deeply relaxing, grounding and healing experience with Jo and Patrick at the Healing Immersion workshop! Learn simple and efficient exercises to relax the body, quiet the mind and soothe the soul through Sound/Breath/Movement practices, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Chanting, Meditation, Pranayama … Continue reading

Healing Arts Festival Memories & Feedback

Healing Arts Festival Memories & Feedback: from the volunteers Dearest volunteer angels, THANK U all SO much for helping to create a super wonderful event!! Couldn’t have done it without u! Let’s celebrate soon! Watch this space! Thanks to Shanghai Awakening again for offering the chance for us to gather together, meet and share and … Continue reading