9-11 scrapbook 九一一剪贴簿(The Day Humanity Became One Soul 当人类溶为一个灵魂的一天)



The Day Humanity Became One Soul  当人类溶为一个灵魂的一天

Come September 11th, this year will mark the 10th year anniversary of this historical event. Indeed it was one of the most disastrous human catastrophe in modern history. Although it was a regretful, sad day, it was also the day when Humanity showcased itself as one powerful Spirit., an inexorable force to behold.

Without the occurrence of this event, the powerful spirit of mankind that is Unconditional Love would also not have been triggered. We saw so many people across the world united as one loving, caring, compassionate soul. One Soul. Our intentions were purely to care, to help, to love. Is it not a grand success when humankind can finally unite itself as one extremely powerful entity? The day when every one in the world understand and realize there is absolutely no separation between us, that we are all deeply connected is the day of Great Peace. Earth will then become a natural Haven for the benefit of all humankind and all sentient beings.

Shown above are pages from the scrapbook I created from various newspaper cuttings in 2001. It was my second time in China back then. I watched in horror and disbelief on television as news broke. I was certain people across the world shared my concern and compassion for those involved in this tragedy. There was nothing I could do except to hope, pray and wish them well. That was one of my first glimpses into the deep, profound connection we share with each other.

A decade on, much has changed and the evolution continues. The old saying of “whatever that doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger” still sounds true. The world witnessed the unfaltering fighting spirit of New York citizens as they sprung back fiercely. People all over the world poured their love, care, compassion and kindness, offered help in so many various ways. That was the humanity in its full glory.

Bravo again to those who selflessly provided great service to all those in need, congratulations to those who survived the trauma and lived to share their tales. Thank you all for inspiring us with your spirit, for reminding us the human spirit can move mountains and overcome anything. Let us never forget that ultimately, we are one soul pulsating with one heart as a complete, powerful entity.

May your lives continue to be blessed with all the love, peace, joy and abundance in every possible way.


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