Love.Hope.Yoga. Charity Event 爱、希望、瑜伽慈善活动 11/8/12


11.8.12 回忆: 爱。希望。瑜伽。慈善活动

Memories: Love. Hope. Yoga. Charity Event

On Sat 11.8.12 the LOVE.HOPE.YOGA charity event raised a total of RMB16,030!! Not too bad for a morning’s work! All proceeds go to the Henan Hope School! Bravo to everyone for their efforts! I’m so happy & humbled to be part of this!

8月11日 “爱。希望。瑜伽”慈善活动筹募了¥16,030~成绩还不错!这笔钱将捐到河南的希望小学为小朋友们建立更好的设备。再次感谢所有的工作人员和参与的每一位!我很欣慰和开心能够参与这么有意义的活动!



all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

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